Joanne Black

I am an indigenous Māori artist specialising in portrait painting, printmaking, process art and photography. There is acknowledgement of my art existence that I create which is recognised on a global scale through my Worlds Arts Games status. I am a serious artist involved in many group exhibitions, art projects in the communities along with exhibition experience in many international art shows throughout the world and New Zealand. I have won photography awards, art awards, for example I was selected for the Rorotorua art awards 2019. The highest achievement so far has been winning the Molly Morpeth Canaday arts local award in 2016. The exposure from magazine and book articles is further recognition. For me neo-colonization is an unseen process that cloaks our bodies. In my artworks I aim to keep Matauranga Māori alive, to promote a Māori world view where mainstream views currently dominate and prevail in the art world. I would like to present a series of reimagined Tupuna portraits that combines my Māori heritage and the influences of the Renaissance style that I instinctively reimagine with guidance from my Tupuna. My art takes Renaissance gothic moods to combine with surrealist art arrangements. The result is a surreal mix tape of genres that both attract and repel simultaneously. With my love of the handson approach to printmaking processes that feature in my art and the homage to my cultural identity and whakapapa, this is reflected with a strong and powerful presence. The arts medium is oil paint on mirrored surface titled “Tupuna reimagined”. The 3 art works will be up to 2 meters in size and different shapes such as a octogen,triangle and hexagon.

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